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Step 1
eID Viewer update

Step 2
Pin code and certificates check

Step 3
Configuring your antivirus software

Step 4 (optinal)
Installation of Mozilla Firefox

Step 5
Installation of eID Belgium add-on

Add-on eID configuration in Firefox 

Be aware that this step must be carried out from the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

  • Click "Add to Firefox". (Ajouter à Firefox)
  • Click on "Add".(Ajouter)
  • Click "ok."

2 - Check if Belgium eID add-on is well activated

  • Click on the menu icon at the top right (see image below)
  • Click on Additional Modules. ("Modules complémentaires" ou "Extensions et thèmes" suivant votre version )
  • Click on "Extensions" in the left column
  • Check that the buttons to the right of the eID Belgium module are "Deactivate" and "Delete". If an "Enable" button is present instead of disabling then click it. (you will have to cut firefox completely and reopen it so that it is taken into account
  • Click on the "Plus" in blue corresponding to the eID Belgium module as shown in the image below

Here check if you have at least version 1.0.27 of the module (or higher). And make sure automatic updates are enabled

Restart Mozilla Firefox

Close all open firefox windows and tabs before opening it again

Your computer is now properly configured