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Step 1
eID Viewer update

Step 2
Pin code and certificates check

Step 3
Configuring your antivirus soft

Step 4 (Optional)
Installation of Mozilla Firefox

Step 5
Installation of eID Belgium add-on

Pin code and Certificates check

Open the “eID Viewer” application

Plug your card reader

Insert your card into the card reader (the microchip upwards)

Your picture and your personal data appear

If your card is not read, check that the reader is plugged in and that the card is inserted correctly into the reader.
If this is the case, test by plugging your card reader into another USB port.
If the problem persists, check if there is not another card reader connected (or integrated) to the computer. Some laptops have card readers integrated in the edge of the PC and some external keyboards have card readers integrated.
If the problem persists try another ID card or card reader.

If the problem persists when testing with another ID card, your EID reader is probably defective. You'll need a new one.
If the problem arises only with your own identity card or even when changing card readers, please contact the population service of your municipality.

Once your card is read

Click on “Card/PIN” (Carte/PIN)

Click on "Check PIN Code". (Vérifier le code PIN)

Enter your PIN code to verify it

Once the PIN code has been verified

Click on the "Certificates" tab. (Certificats)

Click on "Authentication".

Tick the box "Always validate trusted certificates". (Toujours valider les certificats de confiance)

The two certificates, that is to say “Authentication” and “Signature”, have to appear in green with the trust notification “Trusted”.

If it is not the case, you have to go to your Municipality’s Population Department in order to correct your card certificates

/!\ CAUTION :  If you're on a PC in a professional network.

If you have something other than "Trusted", contact the administrator of your computer network so that he checks if the program is not blocked by the company's proxy server (an error message could appear there while the identity card is working very well).