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The Intervat interface has just been modified, the screenshots on this site are temporarily out of date.
Thank you for your understanding.

Frequent question for Intervat

Correcting a VAT Return

Sending a corrective VAT return :

  • In the tab “Renseignements généraux" (General information) of the VAT return,
  • Select "Correction d'un document préalable" (Correction of a preliminary document)
  • In the "Réf du document corrigé" (Reference of the corrected document) box, enter the reference number that you find on the second page of the PDF receipt of the original document.
  • Fill in the document as usual and send it

By proceeding in this way, the original document is automatically cancelled and replaced by the new sending

For a sending of a correction by XML file, you have to add the following line (in this case, a client list):

The Menu on the Left Does Not Appear

  • Click on the second icon at the top right corner of your screen


  • The VAT return has been submitted 3 times on the same day. You have to wait 24h to be able to submit it again