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 Online cadastral extracts

Do you need a cadastral extract? – Submit your application via MyMinfin

At the FPS Finance, we are expanding our online services. Since 1 November, you can apply for your cadastral extracts online. The list of available items and applicable tariffs have been modified as well.

Apply for your cadastral extracts online

You can apply for your cadastral extracts online via MyMinfin.

  • Sign in at www.myminfin.be (should you encounter any problems while signing in at MyMinfin, please follow these steps).
  • In “My house and my real estate”, click the “Apply for a cadastral extract” tab and go through the different steps.

Following your online payment (Bancontact only), the extract will be available via MyMinfin.

If you wish to submit your application on paper, you should fill out the form available on our website.

Access for companies

To access the Cadastral Extracts application

New tariffs

Cadastral extracts applied for online in MyMinfin are cheaper than extracts applied for on paper. The reason for this is simple: the extracts applied and paid for online are mostly delivered automatically and no longer require any employee intervention.

No more extracts of the property map

We no longer issue extracts of the property map.

You have free access to the cadastral ledger via the CadGIS application through which you can also make a printout.

Moreover, the cadastral ledger is also made available as open data.

Click the link below for more information.


Cadastral Extracts