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Acrobat Reader DC Configuration (PKCS11 module)(Mac)

If you want to electronically sign documents in Acrobat Reader DC, you must have a digital signature

Follow these steps to set your digital signature:

  • Connect your card reader to your computer and insert your eID in the reader (the microchip upwards)

Important the Eid card must be inserted before opening Acrobat Reader DC, otherwise the procedure will not work

  • Open Acrobat Reader.
  • Open the 'Edit' menu at the top and select 'Preferences'
  • Go to the 'Signatures' category and select the 'More...' option under 'Identities & Trusted Certificates'
  • Click 'PKCS#11 Modules and tokens' and then 'Link module'.
  • Enter
    • Old OS :'/usr/local/lib/beid-pkcs11.bundle' (without the quotes) and click 'OK'.
    • New OS - Big Sur : '/library/belgium identity card/pkcs11/beid-pkcs11.bundle' (without the quotes) and click 'OK'.
  • The certificates appear

Note: Do your certificates appear, but you do not see 'Belgium eID PKCS#11 interface v2' under the 'PKCS#11 Modules and tokens' option? Then these are certificates that are found via the 'Keychain access' utility. You cannot provide a signature in this way.

  • Double-click on “PKCS#11 Modules and Tokens”
  • Double-click on “Belgium eID PKCS#11 interface v2”
  • Click on “BELPIC”
  • Click on the “(Signature)” certificate
    • If necessary, move the blue or white indicators in order to display the content
  • Click on the pencil
  • Click on “Use for Signing”
  • A pencil appears on the left of your signature certificate
  • Select the 'Signature' certificate in order to electronically sign your documents. Your digital signature is now set.
  • Click on "Acrobat Reader"
  • Click on "ExitAdobe Acrobat Reader DC"
  • Your Mac is now properly configured

You can now use your Signature certificate to sign in Acrobat Reader DC. The certificate will be offered by Acrobat Reader DC for the insertion of a digital signature.

This step is mandatory each time the eID card is changed