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Token authentification

From 31 January 2024, token authentication is no longer possible

You do not have an eID issued by Belgium and you would like to access our online public services

  •     There are several options, depending on your situation and the application you require:
    • You can register with a registrar. There is a registrar in Brussels at FPS Strategy and Support - DG Digital Transformation, but you can also go to a municipality with a local registration office.
    • Your country has an authentication system that is recognised at European level? It is called eIDAS, which stands for "Electronic Identification And Trust Services" in reference to the European regulation "Regulation (EU) 910/2014".  The aim of this regulation is to "facilitate all kinds of electronic transactions (interoperability) between citizens of the European Union, in order to stimulate economic and social development between Member States".
      • You can obtain an overview of the Member States that already have an electronic means of identification by selecting "Connect with a recognised European means of authentication". You can then choose the country in which the means of identification is distributed, and the list of countries will be continually expanded as new means of identification become available.
      • What is eIDAS
    • None of the above, so ForReg is what you need.
      • ForReg (Foreign Registration) is an application that allows the FPS Finance to grant people access to its applications without a Belgian authentication method (eID, Itsme and TOTP) or eIDAS. ForReg offers these people an alternative validation procedure without having to travel physically to our country.
      • What is ForReg