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Pin code and certificates check

Open the “eID Viewer” application

  • Plug your card reader
  • Double click on the eID Viewer icon on the desktop

  • Insert your card into the card reader (the microchip upwards)
  • Your picture and your personal data appear
  • If your card cannot be read
    • Reinstall eID Viewer
    • Check card reader connection, a light should appear on it
    • If the problem remains, please contact the Population Department of your municipality.

Validate certificates 

  • Click on the “Certificates” tab
  • Tick the box “Always validate certificate trust”
  • The two certificates, that is to say “Authentication” and “Signature”, have to appear in green with the trust notification “Truste
    • If it is not the case, you have to go to your Municipality’s Population Department in order to correct your card certificates

Error: missing certificate

  • One or both lines are missing (Authentication or Signature).
    • Please have the certificates activated by the population service of your municipality.