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Authentication with username and password

You haven't created/activated the "username and password" digital key yet?" ?

You can easily do this in two steps:

  1. Create and activate your "username and password" with the FPS BOSA (need help? Consult this page).
  2. Have them validated by FPS Finance using the ForReg (Foreign Registration) application.
    • Go to the application you wish to access.céder.
    • Log in with your digital key "username and password" that you created in step 1 with the FPS BOSA.
    • You will automatically be redirected to the ForReg application where you can submit your application.

This method is inresent is not registered with the CBE.

tended only for users without Belgian identification facilities or when eIDAS is not available for their country and/or when the company they repIf this is not the case, your ForReg application will be rejected.

What is ForReg (Foreign Registration)?

ForReg (Foreign Registration) is an application that allows people without a Belgian authentication method (eID, Itsme and TOTP) or eIDAS to request access to FPS Finance applications, without having to travel physically to our country.

Currently, ForReg can be used to access the following applications:

  • Biztax (soon)
  • Intervat
  • MyMinfin
  • PDIE

More applications will be added to this list in the future.

Forgot your username and/or password?

You must

  • contact BOSA to delete the account
  • or recreate a new username + password linked to another email address!